Meet the Friends of Piddle Valley

The school are very grateful for the generosity and time spent by parents, fundraising for our school and the wonderful work they do involving the school in the local community. 
This is a brief outline of who's who within our Friends of Piddle Valley committee.  If you would like further information on the committee or joining the friends please feel free to send a message through the school office or speak to any of the following parents:
Chair - Jade Ellis - Parent in Year 1/2 and 3/4
Vice Chairperson - Dani Horrigan - Parent in Year 1/2
Treasurer - Sarah Larden - Parent in Year 3/4 & Yr R
Your staff representatives are as follows:
 Hattie Crankshaw and Vicki Nelson 
Other members of the committee include:
Beth Redley Steer
Sarah Lloyd
Leah Brackstone
Beth Kendall
Rosalyn Green