EYFS Maths

EYFS Maths
The first few years of a child’s life are especially important for mathematics development. Research shows that early mathematical knowledge predicts later reading ability and general education and social progress (NCETM).
At Piddle Valley we aim to ensure that all children develop firm mathematical foundations in a way that is engaging, and appropriate for their age. 
There are six key areas of early mathematics learning, which collectively provide a platform for everything children will encounter as they progress through their maths learning at Piddle Valley and beyond:
- Cardinality and Counting
- Comparison
- Composition
- Pattern
- Shape and Space
- Measures
In the EYFS at Piddle Valley our maths learning is underpinned by a strong understanding of pedagogy and the mastery approach. In Pre-School our learning activities are supported by the 'Master the Curriculum' approach and in Reception, we follow Maths No Problem!