EYFS Understanding the World

Our 'Understanding the World' curriculum often drives our current themes. There are three aspects to 'Understanding the World':
- Past and Present
- People, Culture and Communities
- The Natural World
Each half term, we have a specific focus on each. The children are 'hooked' in to the new theme with a 'wow' event, such as a pile of leaves in the classroom with hedgehogs underneath! We ensure that stories support our themes and help the children to make connections, ask and answer questions and develop key knowledge. Our adult-led or adult-initiated activities have key intention/s for learning, whether that be knowledge, skills or attitudes, and/or characteristics of effective learning. For example when exploring the natural world in Forest School, we will take time to notice the changes in the trees. We will ask the children to observe and describe the changes, perhaps drawing these with close observation of pattern and shape. This activity will be driven by adult questioning and shared thinking with the children. They will learn key observation skills and develop new vocabulary, as well as fine-motor skills when drawing. Therefore, although the activity is planned under 'Understanding the World', we tie in Physical Development (fine-motor skills) and Expressive Arts and Design. Please have a look at examples of our planning below and photos of us in action!