Piddle Valley Pre-School and Reception class form our 'Early Years' located in our Foundation Base with safe outside courtyard area. We provide a calm and nurturing environment where children thrive as confident, independent, inquisitive and happy learners! 

As an Early Years team we have high expectations of what children can achieve and teach with passion, energy and purpose. It is our job as an Early Years team to inspire and nurture an inquisitive mind in every child and build strong relationships with secure attachments. Our children are confident, happy, polite, kind, independent and curious individuals with a strong sense of self and of belonging to the Piddle Valley family. They have an excellent foundation for future learning and enjoy their time with us. Our children have plenty of opportunities to explore and investigate indoors and outside, and their creativity is supported exceptionally well. Our children's behaviour is superb. They show exceptional care and concern to their friends, the resources and the environment. They are supported to develop kindness, care, respect, forgiveness and responsibility through daily conversations with adults and circle times.


We recognise that each child is unique. From the very first 'stay and play' visit, we begin the process of getting to know each child’s individual stage of development. Our '5 Steps to Settling-in at Piddle Valley' ensures that all children have the best start with us.


Once we have a child’s starting point we have a foundation to build on. Our carefully planned environment supports children’s independence, exploration and curiosity in all areas of learning. Staff play alongside children to further their learning ‘in the moment’ so that experiences are purposeful and relevant to the child’s current interests and next steps. Areas for focus are identified for each individual child and are incorporated within their play with their key person and/or in group activities. 'Group Times' focus on singing, stories, rhymes and poems as well as Dough Disco, Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle, Wake & Shake and much, much more! Staff nurture children's enjoyment of books while reading stories aloud with them and they sing songs and rhymes. Staff enable children to take the lead in their play, to 'have a go', interact and build on their strong desire to learn.


Children in Pre-School make excellent progress with us and are well prepared for the start of their seamless transition to Reception. Our Reception children have daily phonics, literacy and mathematics group activities and are well prepared to transition to Year 1.  Our children develop many important skills that help prepare them for their future learning, and they are exceptionally well motivated and eager to learn. Children are extremely successful at learning to do things for themselves, such as putting their coats on and pouring drinks.


Each day we provide opportunities to support children in all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This is balanced with 'Continuous Provision' indoors and outdoors where children can choose their own play activity, moving around freely, making choices and developing their independence and building friendships. 


You are very welcome to come and see us in action! If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact the school office.