Spring 2021

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Dear All
It is hard to believe that we are already at the end of our spring term! 
It really has been wonderful being able to welcome our families back and to have all our children back in school to continue their learning, to see their friends and enjoy the school opportunities as in previous years. 
After the Easter break staff would like to share with parents an in term report on how their child/ren has/have settled back into school and to talk about successes but also any areas which we need to offer support. This will also be an opportunity to look at pupil targets for the term. We are very pleased to welcome Mrs. Dench back into school after the break before she starts her maternity leave and this will be a great opportunity for some children to have some daily 1:1 support.
I am pleased to say the children do all seem to be happy to be back into their school routines and hearing them laughing and chatting on the playground and around the school is just amazing!
We are really looking forward to the summer term and have some exciting events planned including the residential trip for our Year 4 pupils to Hooke, bikeability, DASP music concerts, after school football, Earth day, an art week and ... fingers crossed even an end of year play! 
Have a lovely, happy Easter break and please stay safe.
God bless
An Easter message from the Salisbury Diocese Joy Tubbs, Director of Education, wishing everyone here at Piddle Valley CE First school a very happy Easter.
Please click on the link below to read the letter.
Returning to school - Monday 8th March 2021
We are all really looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Piddle Valley CE First School on Monday 8th March 2021. 
Some key points to remember please...

For the safety of our staff, pupils and families the following arrangements will remain in place.  This includes;

  • Staggered start and end of the day
  • Social distancing of 2m to be maintained by parents/carers at drop off and pick up 
  • Face masks/coverings to be worn by all adults whilst in the carpark and at drop off and pick up

Year 2, 3 and 4 pupils will start at 8:45am  with a pick up at 3:15pm from the playground.

Preschool, Year R and Year 1 will start at 8:55am, with a 3:05pm pick up.


Please arrive promptly just before the allocated time for your child's year group. Please do not arrive too early as we are asking parents to keep their children with them until the bell is rung.

Parents are asked to walk their children into the school playground through the green gate and find a place to stand with their child/ren; a set of footsteps have been marked around the edge of the playground, spaced 2m apart to indicate where to stand. Please do not allow the children or younger sibling to run around the playground. We expect all the children to wait with their adult.

Staff will then come out promptly at the allocated time to ring the school bell. The children are then asked to come and line up with their class and teacher. 

Parents are asked to leave the playground through the main gate, maintaining social distancing with face coverings at all times.

If you have a message for the class teacher, Mrs. Browne, Mrs. Wrixon or Mrs. Chant will be available to take a brief message. Alternatively you can contact the school office via telephone or email.

Please watch the wonderful video below to see the new arrangements in action!

Please share this with the children.




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Please join us to celebrate World Book day - 4th March 2020
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Posted Tuesday 9th February 2021
Super-Spies in Lockdown in association with Dorchester Arts 


Running time: Two 20-30 minute sessions on 14 & 21 February at 10.30am 

Age Guidance: Aimed at 5-11 year olds and their families. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Cost: 6 per family 


Calling Families and keen Super-Spies 


The Super-Spies are in town and they need your help! 


Marvelous leader Mirabel Merryweather, newly initiated Claude Pringle, and all the Super-Spies are working from home like everyone else. Unfortunately, we’ve had worrying reports that The Vortex - our Rival spy gang - are active and have started luring new spies to the dark side in your area. We need you to brush up on your Super-Spy skills and help us out on the ground solving some vital clues to stamp out The Vortex.  


The experience is aimed at 5-11 year olds and their families. 


This interactive performance game will take the format of two “performance” sessions with Angel Exit Theatre on a private, secure Zoom chat. There will be an introduction and initial training meeting setting up the tasks with a 7-day gap before a conclusion meeting where the Super Spies will hear how the newly recruited super-spies have got on and see if the mystery has been solved. 


There will be a series of fun, interactive challenges, and activities available online to access anytime. Some activities involve doing a clue trail around the local town as an option but families can also participate from the safety and comfort of their own homes. 


The observant spies among you may remember the Super-Spies from their tour of Dorset libraries, but new recruits are also welcome. Aimed at five to eleven-year-olds and their families, capacity is strictly limited to 30 households and children must be accompanied by an adult.  


Families need a reliable internet connection and be able to access Zoom, preferably on a laptop rather than phone or tablet. Participants need to be available for both Zoom meetings and ideally take part in the challenge set. Everyone is welcome to engage with as many of the other videos and activities as they like. These can be accessed indefinitely.  


Feedback from previous shows 


“We just wanted to thank you so much for a truly mood lifting spy adventure! The quality and content of your performance was so engaging and professional and makes me wish that you were in charge of the whole countries lock down spy learning.” - Jane Davy (Parent) 


“The children from my class who took part absolutely loved it and could not wait for the second session. Some of them sent me such lovely messages and photos. They really did enjoy it. It was a lovely activity for them to do. One child lives opposite where one of the clues was in Springwell and was absolutely delighted to see the children from her class looking for the clue!” - Caroline Fisk, Teacher 


“Thank you so much for this - we had so much fun and it brightened up what would have otherwise been just another grey lockdown week.” – Participant 


For more information, click here to go to Dorchester Arts’ website. 

Tuesday 11th February 2021
Remote Learning Update & Half term break
We hope you are all well. Unfortunately we have had no further updates regarding the return to school and it looks like 22nd February 2021 will be the next date for any announcements from the Government. However we hope you are all looking forward to the half term break; an opportunity to spend time away from the remote learning and think about our wellbeing and enjoying time with our families.
As you are aware, Friday 12th February is an Inset day for staff so the school will be closed to the pupils and there will be no remote learning posted. But if you would like to follow Father Roger online, he will be posting a new Collective Worship ready for Friday morning which you can view by following the link on the school website. I would like to say a massive thank you to Father Roger for all his support and for continuing to provide our weekly Collective Worship.
I would also like to say thank you to all our families for their commitment to the remote learning. We appreciate that it is challenging at times especially when you are having to juggle your own work alongside the children, but we continue to have a good daily response. The feedback has been positive from parents about the range of remote learning available and they have welcomed the support from staff, parents have also been surprised at the pace and amount of learning set. To respond to this we have decided to have Thursday (tomorrow) as a day of consolidation where the children have the opportunity to complete and catch up on tasks and activities, and even revisit an activity they enjoyed or want to try again. Staff will be available online so please contact them if you have any questions.
I would like to wish you all a healthy happy half term and please stay safe.

We have been asked by Dorchester Arts to share this exciting workshop with all our parents...may be something a little different to explore with your family.


The Little Prince Family Workshop


We are excited to announce Dorchester Arts have teamed up with the wonderful Protein Dance to bring you their fantastic new family workshop The Little Prince, which is now available online. We thought you might like to share this information with your pupils. 


A great way to maintain our children’s health and wellbeing, this fun and fast-moving 20-minute workshop by Protein Dance is inspired by their award-winning show The Little Prince by Luca Silvestrini. 


While parents are helping their children learn from home, this creative workshop is a great addition to the school day and an enjoyable way to keep kids active in body and mind. 


Join performers Faith and Andy as they lead and present twenty minutes of dance and movement exploring the world of the Little Prince. This workshop has been made with ages 5-11 in mind but has nothing unsuitable for younger siblings. Fun for the whole family, grown-ups are welcome too. 


Find out how the Little Prince spends his days on his tiny planet and how, after journeying across the universe, he eventually meets and befriends the charming Fox. 


This is a playful introduction to the world-famous book, The Little Prince, by Antoine de SaintExupéry, a tale of love and friendship for children and grown-ups alike which will return to theatres later this year. 


After the workshop, download the original costume designs from the show and colour in the Little Prince and the Fox either with pencils or digitally on your tablet or phone. 


Interested? Then watch the trailer below. The Little Prince Family Workshop is perfect for all KS 1 and 2 pupils and their families and supports Personal, Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE). 


For more information and to access the workshop, click here to go to Dorchester Arts’ website. 


Running time: 20 minutes 

Age Guidance: The workshop has been made with ages 5-11 in mind but has nothing 

unsuitable for younger siblings. Fun for the whole family. 

Cost: Rent for £2 and available to stream for 48 hours 


Come and join the Treasure Hunt!
Welcome to the bridleway treasure hunt!
You’ll need to be good at map reading and as sharp-eyed as a pirate to win.
The treasure – a brand new scooter from Halfords – awaits you…
There are four maps showing different sections of the bridleway between Piddletrenthide and Piddlehinton.
Each map has a set of questions that you need to answer as best you can.
Once you’ve answered the questions, we would like you to draw or paint a picture of yourself on the bridleway.
Are you on your horse, bicycle, scooter or pogo stick?
Are you picking blackberries or having a snowball fight with your friends?
Are you wearing wellies and a raincoat or shorts and t shirt?
Are you walking your dog or talking to a cow?
The person who gets the most correct answers AND draws the best picture will win the treasure!
Any child aged 10 and under may enter the treasure hunt.
Parents, please can you ensure that children follow social distancing guidelines and adhere to all COVID regulations while participating in the treasure hunt.
All entries must be scanned/photographed and sent to venetia.ansell@gmail.com or dropped into the plastic collection box outside Morningwell Cottage, Egypt’s Lane Piddletrenthide by 21st February 2021.  
Please enter your name, age on your entry including contact details (your mum/dad’s phone number and email address).
This quiz was created by Uppu Kotamraju, year 3 at Piddle Valley First School, and brought to you by the Piddle Path Improvement Plan team.
For more information about the plan to improve the surface of the Piddletrenthide-Piddlehinton bridleway, please join our Facebook group: Piddle Path Improvement Plan
Please open the file below to find the maps. Good luck!
Coronavirus: How to keep children healthy, happy, learning and entertained at home
Tuesday 12th January 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Here is your free e-copy of Family First magazine, packed full of information to help keep children happy, learning & entertained at home during lockdown- We hope it helps in some way.

Please click on the link below:
Monday 11th January 2021
Good morning,
You may recall having seen this resource during the first lockdown last year. Under the current circumstances, I thought it a good time to share this (slightly updated version) once again.
So many children are feeling worried and anxious, this could help alleviate some of their fears. It has received some wonderful feedback (included below).

 Please click on the link below.
Remote Learning
Firstly we would like to thank you all for your engagement with the online learning this week. It has been amazing to see the number of children who have accessed their class page and started completing the tasks set by the teachers already. This week has been an opportunity for any initial worries or hiccups to be 'ironed out' and to make sure that passwords are working and access to the parent app and child's dashboard is possible.
From Monday 11th January 2021, each class will upload a new set of learning daily and this will follow the curriculum for that year group. We are providing up to three hours (potentially more) learning online which we would like the children to access. We are very aware that in some households the school learning is being 'juggled' between parents own work and possibly more than one child. So for that reason we are not dictating when each task should be completed during the day and that within the day there is some flexibility for families.
Initial feedback from talking with parents has been very positive which is encouraging. Staff are working incredibly hard to offer as much information and support for parents when setting a task as well as making the learning engaging for the children. We would encourage any opportunity for the children to be practicing their skills in recording so responding to the online learning on paper is encouraged as well as supporting any work with practical exploration. This will not only encourage our children to think about their presentation and how they lay out their work but also limit the amount of photocopying required.
Please don't hesitate to contact the school if you need any support. We will be making weekly contact via a phone call with those families not in school - this is a great opportunity to 'check in' and catch up and to check that our families are doing ok!
I have attached the school's 'Remote Learning' Policy below. This will give a better overview of what the school will provide in terms of remote learning at this time.
Take care and stay safe
January 2021
Happy New Year everyone!
Due to the recent Government announcement relating to Covid 19, the school will be open from 06 January 2021 for key worker families and vulnerable pupils.
If during this lockdown you need support please don't hesitate to contact the school.
Take care everyone and stay safe.