Spring 2020

Friday 3rd April 2020
Well done everyone another week under the Covid19 restrictions but everyone we have spoken to this week appear to be feeling fairly positive. I would like to thank all our families for all their hard work and commitment to the home learning - you are all doing brilliantly.
I hope you will join me in wishing Briony and Mr. Bevis much luck for the future; Briony officially starts her maternity leave following the Easter period so today would of been her last day in school.
We all look forward to the good news when we can announce the arrival of baby Bevis!
Have a lovely weekend everyone - I believe we are going to be blessed with some warm sunshine which will be lovely. Stay safe and look after each other.
Please see attached a letter from Mr. Chadwick our Exec. Head for GTAT giving a little further information regarding Easter and school opening times.
Wednesday 1st April 2020
Welcome to the month of April!!
We are sending warm wishes to everyone and hope you are all well.
We are certainly all missing our families and especially the children so it has been lovely when parents have emailed me to say 'hi' and to share some of the fabulous home learning that is taking place.
It has been great to see the number of pupils who have logged onto the eschools learning platform and are enjoying the tasks set by their teacher.
I just wanted to share some of the super poems written by Mr. Youngs class - Mr. Young challenged his children to write their very own poem after he posted a video of himself performing his own creation! 
Well done everyone!
I have also linked a very special PowerPoint created by James. Please take a look it is really interesting and very informative.
Happy viewing!

Guidance for parents and carers: keeping children safe online

The Government have updated our information for parents and carers to include a section on keeping children safe online. It provides links to online resources that will help support parents and carers in keeping their children safe online.

Full details can be found in section 6.3 of the guidance for parents and carers on the closure of educational settings:

Come and play 'Book Bingo'

This game of book bingo is a great way to get kids reading a variety of books and text types. It makes a great reading challenge for home.

But don’t worry if your child does not yet read aloud independently, or is a very early reader, you can always use the Book Bingo grid as a family read aloud challenge.

Dealing with BIG Emotions

Emotions are tough to figure out even as an adult, and for kids, trying to manage feelings and emotions can be beyond overwhelming at times.

Remember when you were young and even a small disappointment was the end of the world and you didn’t quite know how to handle your feelings about it? As adults, we’ve had the chance to develop ways to cope with our emotions, even when they’re intense, but children often need extra help to navigate their feelings and find healthy ways to respond.

When you see your child struggling to manage frustration, anger, disappointment, fear, sadness, or other big emotions, using effective coping skills can assist them in working through their feelings in constructive ways.

What are Coping Skills?

Coping skills are actions and ways of thinking that can help individuals manage overwhelming emotions and the difficult situations that provoke them.

Young People's Trust for the Environment


YPTE have been working hard to create a new Home Learning Pack to support parents and carers whilst their children are at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. They will be producing a new pack each week, to be released every Friday for the duration of the lockdown.  Home Learning Packs will include suggestions for activities parents can do alongside their children, as well as some that they can do independently, whilst their parents are working from home.

The packs contain activities which require no special materials other than those you may find around the house.  We have also attempted to minimise the need to print out any materials. 

Each week, the packs will contain:

  • Open ended project ideas and research topics
  • Activities to explore independently or together 
  • Games to play
  • Ideas for science experiments
  • Art and craft ideas
  • Links to other learning resources
  • A use each week for toilet roll tubes…(!)

The first one, on Plants, is now available for download and can be accessed free of charge from http://ypte.org.uk/topics/home-learning-packs

Covid-19 Local update and advice

Open Letter from Dorset Public Sector Organisations

Dorset Police is working together with partner agencies to respond to COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Dorset.

We are all asking the public to play their part by doing one thing - stay at home.

Read our attached open letter urging you to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. The letter can also be viewed here.

3) Partner agencies open letter to Dorset residents.jpg - 333.8 KB

Message Sent By
News Office (Dorset Police, Communications and Engagement, Dorset)

Hi everyone,
Hope you have all had a pleasant weekend. The weather has been gorgeous so no doubt, like me you have been out in your garden.
Tomorrow is going to be the first day of the partial school closure and I just wanted you to know that we will all be thinking of you.
We shall be starting the day with a chat about 'Hope' - a core Christian Value. We will also be creating rainbows as a symbol of Hope - look out for them if you pass the school.
Below is a link to some excellent maths resources from a website called 'White Rose.' We often make reference to these teaching resources and the site have been incredibly helpful and set up math learning packs for each year group and it is free to access.
Do let me know what you think or if you want some guidance.
Don't forget staff will be available via the eschools learning platform in the morning from 9:30am.
Take care everyone.

Information to cascade to parents and carers

From Friday 20 March schools, childcare and other educational settings are closed for everyone except:

  • children of critical workers
  • vulnerable children

We have published guidance for parents and carers:

Friday 20th March 2020
It certainly has been an 'interesting' week but well done to all our pupils and staff for working together and displaying such a fabulous team effort.
As the Government releases further information and guidance to schools, we are beginning to  make important decisions to support our families and the National strategy to combat the Covid-19.
Thank you for your support and continued patience.
Please read the 'Key worker' letter carefully.
Piddle Valley CE First School will be closed to the majority of our pupils on Monday 23rd March 2020. We are currently unsure how long the school will be closed for but we will maintain contact via the website and school's letters.
Please look after yourselves and stay safe.
Friday 13th March 2020
Collective Worship 
We were joined by Father Roger this morning for our Collective Worship. This morning the focus was on one our core Christian values...Responsibility.
Father Roger talked about the meaning of the word 'RESPONSIBILITY' - (Father Roger likes words!)  and how it is about how we respond to something and our actions/ability to  respond.
It was a perfect link with the current concerns regarding the Coronavirus and the importance of each of us 'doing our bit' and making sure that we take responsibility for staying healthy and how we can support friends and family by doing this.
We all enjoyed Father Rogers demonstration on how to wash our hands using the 'Doxology Handwashing timer'. If you are interested please follow the link below.
The Collective Worship was an opportunity for the school to reassure all our children and invite any concerns to be shared in case there are any children feeling a little anxious about what they are hearing in the news at the moment.

Family Science Fair - postponed this Sunday 15 March 2020 at Corn Exchange, Dorchester


Dear DASP school


The organisers of the Family Science Fair regret to announce that they are postponing the event scheduled for Sunday 15 March at the Corn Exchange, Dorchester.


We have been monitoring advice about the coronavirus Covid-19 over the last few weeks.

Due to the nature of the event, which is indoors, hands-on & interactive, we feel this is the best decision to take at this time.


We are aware that potential attendees are now actively considering not attending due to concerns over large gatherings – and that concerns are likely to increase over the next few days which could have a major impact on the success and enjoyment of the Fair.


We are very sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this causes.


We were really looking forward to the day, and with all 800 tickets for the event taken up, we know that there was a lot of interest and support from the public as well. Please pass this around to anyone else you know who may have been due to attend the event.


We are hoping to reschedule the Family Science Fair for early October and will update you when we know the new date.


Thursday 5th March 2020 - World Book Day
After a very wet start to the day which resulted in the 'Walk to School' event being postponed, we have had a fabulous World Book Day! 
The day started with photo's and parades followed by a great assembly led by Mrs Nelson. We all enjoyed trying to guess the book characters. The Year 2, 3 and 4 children have been involved in collaborative writing; lots of great ideas being shared and then this afternoon we have all enjoyed 'The Big Read'. All the children including our preschool children gathered in the hall and shared books and spent time really enjoying sharing the picture books but also reading to each other.
For me the highlight has been seeing the genuine delight on the children's faces when they have been reading together. It really has been a magical day.
Look out for some photographs of our day... Mrs Nelson is creating a 'World Book Day' display in the library.
Wednesday 4th March 2020
Today we were visited by Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.
The children in Year R and Year 2 joined the education Officer as part of the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire service ' Safe and Well Education Programme'.
The aim of the session is to develop the children's knowledge and understanding of fire safety to help them and their families lead fire safe lives.
As a special treat we were joined by the Dorchester fire crew. The children were able to explore the fire engine and have a go at squirting water from the water hose! It was very exciting when the crew got a 'call' and had to very quickly put on their fire fighting equipment and leave the school with the siren and blues lights on!
It was great to see our dear friend Mr. Higgins in his new role as a firefighter. Mr. Higgins was previously with us as a class teacher.
Many thanks to the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service.
DASP Year 4 Concert
The theme of the concert this year was 'Together We Can Change the World' so the concert started with the children from 6 First schools singing 'The 3 R's' by Jack Johnson together. The sound the children produced was amazing … really professional and so very impressive.
It was certainly a very proud moment for parents and school staff when the Year 4 Piddle Valley children took to the stage to sing a 'Let it Grow Mash up' with the talented Mrs Hudson. Wow! 
Thank you to the children who took part; a thank you to the parents for supporting the event and a MASSIVE thank you to Mrs Hudson for coaching the children to perform so confidently.
Please see the link below.
A message from Father Roger Butcher...

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

Today, the DfE have launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

Wednesday 26th February 2020
I just wanted to share with you the information schools are being sent regarding the Coronavirus. It is for information only to ensure we are all receiving the same guidance. Attached is a letter from Public Health England (PHE) containing new information and guidance for schools. The Dorset Council Communications team will also be supporting schools.

In summary the guidance advises schools should stay open and follow hygiene guidance. Any staff member or pupil who has been to one of the affected countries in the last 14 days and feels unwell should self-isolate at home and call 111. If there is a confirmed case in a school or setting (which there isn’t at the moment) PHE will advise school directly.

Many thanks

Dear Parents/teachers,

The government is currently running a consultation on the future of music education and is asking for responses from teachers, parents and students about current provision and possible future provision.


I’m sure that it would be very beneficial for them if as many people as possible completed the questionnaire.


If you are able to complete it, please be aware that any musical opportunities that are on offer to children in this area via DASP Music (instrumental lessons in schools, ensembles, workshops, performances etc), are not funded by the government (DASP Music is not a Music Hub), but are a result of the local schools forming a partnership which supports music education in this way.


The questionnaire can be found here.  It will take about 15 mins to complete and needs to be completed by 13th March:


Kind regards,

Hanna Trevorrow

Head of DASP Music

Tuesday 11th February 2020
Internet Safety Day 2020
The children have been sharing their thoughts on safe internet use today in school.
Following an assembly led by Mr Young, all the children have had the opportunity to learn about how the internet and technology can be a great resource helping us find out about the world around us providing  use it in a safe way and know how to look after ourselves.
Following the New to You and Cake Sale held on Thursday 6th February 2020, I can proudly announce the team collected a total of £150. This is fantastic news!
A great effort by all the School Council as well as Emily, Amelia and Millie.
Thank you everyone for supporting the event...all the children had  agreat afternoon selling and buying!
New to You and Cake Sale
The PV School Council have decided they would like to host a 'New to You' sale and invite pupils and parents to donate good quality toys and books which are no longer wanted at home.
The New to You sale will take place on Thursday 6th February 2020 from 2:00pm until 4:00pm. Any donations for the sale are being collected in the school hall from Monday 3rd February 2020.
Emily and Amelia have offered to set up a cake stall and sell cakes and biscuits during the afternoon and Millie has offered to paint pebbles to sell.
All profits will go towards developing resources for the school and for setting up a recycling station. 
We are all really proud of the PV School Council...keep up the great work!
Many thanks to everyone for supporting this project.
Tuesday 21st January 2020
Our GTAT Pupil Voice members; Arthur and Rebecca (in Lily's absence) joined Mr. Chadwick and the other members of the GTAT Council at St Mary's Middle school today for their first meeting of the year. The main item on the agenda is to look at how as a group of schools we can reduce the amount of plastic we use. The children shared lots of great ideas about how they already 'Reuse, Reduce, Recycle' in their own schools. These included; recycling stations, holding assemblies to inform their peers, collecting and recycling crisp packets.
Arthur and Rebecca will now feedback to the PV School Council and I am sure they will have lots of ideas on how we can support this GTAT project!
Our football and gymnastic clubs start this week.
Football will take place on a Monday and gymnastics after school on a Tuesday.
Please see a copy of the letters below for further details.
Thursday 9th January 2020
Today Mr Young's class were joined by Sarah, a teacher from 'One World Education'.
One World Education is an educational programme for pupils that teaches them about being a Global Citizen. We are hoping the children will enjoy this opportunity over the next few weeks to learn about their own local community but how that fits into the wider world.
A really great start from the children today - lots of sharing about their own experiences and knowledge about, what it means to be globally aware.
Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2020...

It is with great sadness that we need to inform parents that Amy Quin (Hector’s mother) passed away at the weekend after a long, hard fought battle with a terminal illness. Our condolences and thoughts are with Lewis, Hector and all the family. Amy was a much loved member of our school family.