Science morning

29th January 2019

Mad Science Wessex


Wednesday morning saw the school hall converted into a small science lab for our year 2, 3 and 4’s last week with the children prepped in protective goggles and gloves!

During the morning Mad Science Wessex ran three workshops exploring different materials and how they react to each other. The children were able to take part in carrying out their own simple experiments with a range of science equipment.

The morning was supported by Mr Steve Stubbing who has supported the school on many occasions in the past by securing funding to be able to host such amazing science events. A massive thank you to Mr Stubbing.

This was a great way to support the science curriculum through practical activities as it gives the children opportunities to

  • Use scientific language
  • Ask questions about what they notice and observe over time
  • Group and classify things
  • Carry out simple tests
  • As well as communicate their ideas, what they do and what they have found out in a variety of ways.

These are all expectations for pupils working at the expected standard for Year 2. This also gives you an idea of what skills and knowledge Year 3 and 4 are building on and developing.