Promoting positive behaviour and attitudes

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Celebrating our 'Shining Stars' - promoting positive behaviour at Piddle Valley 
At Piddle Valley CE First School, staff and pupils promote positive behaviour rooted in understanding and kindness.
We have all been inspired by the work of Paul Dix and as a whole school we focus on promoting a system that is simple but positively consistent. 
Our approach supports celebrating positive behaviour and learning attitudes through 'WOW!' displays and 'House points'. Positive behaviour and attitudes are recognised and celebrated during our 'Celebration assembly' on a Thursday morning with our children receiving a certificate to acknowledge their achievements 

Inspiring LEARNING at Piddle Valley CE First School

Embedding characteristics of Learning









I Listen carefully

I look and listen

I concentrate in class

I pay attention to detail

I am respectful when listening to others


I Experiment

I enjoy learning

I am happy to try new ideas and make mistakes

I take risks with my learning

I like a challenge and I am proud of what I achieve


I Ask questions


I ask for help


I have my own ideas

I join in class and group discussions

I reflect on my own learning


I am Respectful

I am ready to learn

I am a good friend

I can work with others and share in

 their learning

I value diversity and the uniqueness of others


I Never give up!

I never give up with new learning

I always try my best and I keep going

I have a go on my own

I am resilient when faced with challenges


I use my Initiative

I have ideas

I can work


I am resourceful

I am good at problem solving


I know my Next steps

I will ‘have a go’

I want to improve

I listen to advice and ways to improve

I practice the things I need to learn


I make Good choices

I do the right thing

I can take turns

I can make my own decisions

I am a positive role model