Our Early Years Heroes!

Our Early Years practice is always developing! We shape, mould, tweak and tinker with the provocations and learning experiences we provide. Our youngest critics are our biggest motivators, and if they love it and learn through it, then we know we are on the right track! We take their feedback (they do tend to speak with their feet!) and adapt, adapt, adapt! We have had the pleasure to learn from some of the best in the EYFS world and our heroes are listed below! If you'd like to explore these further, please do click on the links! 
Alistair Bryce-Clegg is a dapper dresser and an inspirational Early Years educator! He is influenced our practice with his work on Continuous Provision and transition. His books provide many brilliant ideas and practical approaches. Alistair's work has focussed our planning on pure and facilitative skills in many areas of our provision. abcdoes.com
Pete Moorhouse is a genuinely nice bloke and a phenomenal craftsman and artist who Mrs V had the pleasure of working with over three days! Pete is dedicated to sharing his passion for creativity. His work in education is focused on encouraging creativity within early childhood education through woodwork and loose parts. He is influenced our 'loose parts' practice and we love seeing the children absorbed in creating small worlds with natural materials, such as cork, bark, pebbles and twigs! Having had a woodwork bench in her last setting, Mrs V would love one at Piddle Valley! irresistible-learning.co.uk
Greg Bottrill has a wonderful beard and a strong belief that children are magic and childhood is a magical time! He has taught us that children live in a world that overspills with exploration, connections, dreams and imagination. They try to share this world with us all the time, because they want us to step through the door that leads there and join them! Greg's work with early mark-making through the Message Centre, Scribble Stories and the Drawing Club has influenced our practice! Mrs V has been fortunate to chat with Greg on social media and she is looking forward to joining his training in February 2023! canigoandplaynow.com