October 2016
Today the school council  visited St Osmund's Middle School as part of the DASP Pupil Voice conference.
The children were invited to listen to a presentation from two visitors called Mike and Suzy talking about how they have been involved in the Calais Jungle camp supporting the refugees.
The children were asked to show their support by writing letters to the Government and making spice bags. The spice bags each contain salt, stock cubes, chilli, turmeric and garlic. These will be sent to the camp for the refugees. It means they can add flavour to the simple meals they cook on camp.
We were also invited to look around the 'camp' created by the students at St Osmund's. Although it was great fun the Piddle Valley School council decided it would be very challenging to be living in such conditions all the time.
School Council Elections
The start of a new school year sees the start of a new school council so let the election proceedings begin...
Pupils throughout the school were invited to stand as a member of the school council.
Firstly any pupils interested in the role were asked to complete a simple application form ' telling us why they would make a great member of the school council. Then they were all invited to a chat and informal interview with Mrs Browne, our Head teacher.
Next, they were  invited to write their own manifesto which they shared in a special assembly for the whole school and to start a campaign to win the votes of their peers. It was very exciting as the polling day got closer and campaign posters started appearing around the school!
It was a very successful day and we all learnt a lot about voting and democracy.
25th November 2016
The Piddle Valley School Council have today organised a non uniform day to support the Calais Refugees.
Everyone was invited to donate £1.00. The School Council are pleased to announce that they collected a total of £102.00. A massive thank you to everyone for their support.
January 2017
The slipper project
The School Council have been finding out about a research project carried out by Bournemouth University. They believe that wearing slippers in school can help the students learn.
The school Council have decided to investigate further!
Watch this space for a slipper update as the school council will need your help!