Piddle Valley CE First School 
Our English Curriculum

At Piddle Valley CE First School, Little Wandle Letters and Sounds is used to structure the teaching of  Phonics from Pre-School to Year 2. From Year 2, when our pupils are confident with their phonics we support daily learning of spelling patterns etc. as set out in the National Curriculum through the 'No Nonsense Spelling' programme.
Please refer to the Phonics and Early Reading heading for more information on how we approach the teaching of phonics and reading.
 Pupils are encouraged and supported to apply their increased phonic knowledge to their reading and carrying out writing  activities as part of Guided Reading sessions and follow-up activities. 




Literacy skills are essential skills for life.  The teaching of literacy is based on the guidance set out in the new 2014 National Curriculum.  As children move through the schools they read, analyse and recreate their own writing for different purposes.  Where possible these sessions are taught through a topic approach which provides and engaging and purposeful context. 

A range of stimuli are used to capture imaginations and to provide a first-hand experience from which to draw upon.  Our children benefit from a range of visitors, drama teachers, performers and trips.  Children are supported to understand the structural requirements for e.g. report writing, instructions, narrative and poetry but we aim for our children to leave our school with a love for books, reading and writing to enable them to face the challenges of further education and adult life.