Dorchester Area Schools Partnership

Piddle Valley CE  First School is part of DASP.

The Dorchester Area Schools Partnership (DASP) came into being in 1992. Its mission is simple: to provide the best education for all the students who are educated in the Dorchester area. We are made up of 19 schools - 13 First, 3 Middle, 1 Upper, an independent Prep school and a Learning Centre.

By linking our resources, expertise, enthusiasm and commitment we are able to provide a level of continuity in our educational provision that few can match.

The Partnership has an Annual Development Plan and Development Group and we work together on all key agendas in education.

Our strength as a group has meant we are able to make particular progress in Behaviour Support, Information and Communication Technology, Assessment, the maintenance of our buildings, literacy, staff development and a whole host of other initiatives.

The Partnership leads the way in Dorset and perhaps nationally in ensuring that resources are used in the most effective way to provide a relevant and successful education for all.

The main aims of DASP are to ensure that all children within the partnership schools will enjoy education that is appropriate to their age, needs and ability.

All of the schools are committed to working together to...

... provide a coherent education for all children
... share expertise and resources
... use common systems of recording pupils' progress
... ensure a smooth transition between schools

Please view our DASP website for more information: