Our Reception class

Principles of our Early Years Foundation Stage practice

At Piddle Valley CE First School we have one reception class taught by our reception class teacher Mrs Nicole Woods and three Teaching Assistants; Mrs Sharon Wilson, Mrs Sarah Sugden and Mrs Vickey Steven.

The curriculum we follow is the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for children aged 0-5. Your children will already have been following this so we build on the good work started by our feeder Pre-schools including Feathers, our pre-school here at Piddle Valley CE First School, to enable them  to reach their full potential, both academically and emotionally.

We know children learn best through play and by initiating their own activities and they are given every opportunity to do so whilst they are with us. With access to indoor and outdoor facilities children are able to develop their play. Ideas for learning are often generated through our topics and we encourage parents and children to be part of this by sharing interests of the children.  Children are encouraged to be independent and select their own resources, tools and materials.

Our independent learning is interspersed with discrete teaching inputs for either groups or the whole class. For example we place great importance on the basic skills so phonics and number work are taught every day. Other inputs include reading Big Books together, shared writing on the Smartboard, Jigsaw circle time, singing and stories.

The Robins Classroom

Within the Foundation classroom the environment is an important consideration affecting our children’s learning. The displays showcase the children’s learning as well as providing useful access to the phonemes, numbers and tricky words the children have been learning.

The resources are fully accessible to the children and they are encouraged to select their own resources as well as tidy them away again!

Outdoor Area

Robins share an open outdoor courtyard with our pre-school children. Here there is plenty of opportuniy to develop their physical skills on the trikes and bikes but also explore and investigate in the sand, water and small play.

The Robins classroom also has acces to a garden area with raised beds . Here the children take responsibility for looking after plants from planting and watering. All the children enjoy oportunities to pick and dig the grown produce and then eat their own healthy snacks. A very popular addition is  the mud kitchen where all manner of meals are served each day. Whilst ‘cooking’ the children practise important skills such as mixing, separating, measuring, counting, transferring, etc alongside incorporating others into their play, turn taking, establishing roles and sharing.